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Tips to Help You Choose the Best Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses might have been reserved to be worn only once in a lifetime, but not anymore. Purchasing a designer dress from the runway has become a new trend, and with that comes a lot of questions. You might wonder if you should take the plunge and purchase a wedding dress that's seen by celebrities or made by one of fashion's top designers. While buying a wedding dress for an event is quite different from buying anything else, you still need to consider some things before committing to this investment. Keep reading the following tips to help you choose the best wedding dress for your special day.

Understand Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is essential to choosing the right kind of cut and design to give you a perfect look. It doesn't matter what style you're looking at; all wedding dresses fall into specific cuts suitable for particular body types. For instance, if you want a vintage-style ball gown, avoid choosing an empire waist design if it makes your bust area appear too large, ensuring an overall slimming effect.

Choose The Right Fabric and Color

The type of fabric color you choose will not only depend on your personal preferences but also on the time of year and location of your wedding. Generally, you'll want to avoid choosing very light ivory if you're tying the knot during summer as this shade can look rather washed out in strong sunlight, instead opting for something slightly darker, like hues such as champagne or antique white. Ivory works well for winter weddings because it's equally flattering in all seasons. Satin is great for formal occasions because it catches the light beautifully, making your dress shimmer enchantingly, which will create an elegant aesthetic well-suited for an evening event.

Choose The Right Size and Height

Do not choose a dress that's too short or revealing if you're conscious of showing off your body shape to the crowd. Instead, go for a slightly longer design with a cinched waist, as this will make you appear slimmer and taller. In addition, choose a dress with hidden straps to help you blend into the background rather than stand out from it.

Consider the Weather, Decor, and Venue Type

If you're getting married on a particularly hot or cold day, then be sure to choose a dress that makes the most of your assets and rather minimizes others. That will ensure you feel more confident and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. Also, think about how long you'll need to wear the gown; if it's simply walking down the aisle and posing for photos, then go with something short and sweet, such as a frock design. However, if you'll need to dance around in it all night at a formal reception, then ensure your dress has enough support so as not to cause discomfort. Further, consider wearing an elegant dress with a train if your wedding is in a big open space such as a garden or lawn, because this will create an enchanting aesthetic that's perfect for green weddings.


If budget permits and it's not an issue for you, then, by all means, go ahead and get a custom-made wedding dress. It will fit like a glove, and nobody can tell it isn't one of those expensive designer dresses (the price tag on these labels will never show anyway). If you want to do this, think carefully about how many fittings you'll be able to go through before your big day. Also, you should consider how much time it will take until the dress is ready and delivered to you.

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