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Why You Need to Add a Scarf to Your Wardrobe

A scarf is something that you should always have in your wardrobe, especially if you live in New York. Think about it, whether you have a coat on or not, your neck is exposed to the frigid air. One of the biggest reasons to always have a scarf handy is to protect your neck from the frigid cold air. Not only does it protect your neck, but you can also pull it up to cover your mouth, nose and ears, creating a nice little pocket to keep your face nice and toasty, and protect you from viruses that thrive during the cold season. Plus, wearing a scarf is a nice way to make a fashion statement. For some people, having a jacket is enough for them to keep them warm, but they also like to throw in a scarf to add some flair to their outfit. 

For a great selection of scarves, check out Cici Li Couture! Here at Cici Li Couture, we are committed to sustainable fashion. None of our products are invoiced in the industrialization process - no waste, no pollution,no forced labor. All materials are focused on natural materials, such as organic cotton, silk.

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